Jacob Carrel
Projects Associate, We Remain compliance

Jacob started organizing in Wisconsin in 2008 for the Obama and Russ Feingold campaigns, and also organized to organize fellow students around the 2013 union protests in Madison. Jacob then attended Harvard College and served as President of the Harvard College Democrats, where he grew the organization from a small group to the largest partisan organization at Harvard with over 100 members engaged and knocking doors or making calls on a weekly basis. Jacob also interned in the White House for President Obama, in Scheduling and Advance, working on travel and outreach to external stakeholders, including on the President's 2015 trip to La Crosse, WI.


Originally from Madison, WI, Jacob is now based in Cambridge, MA, and works as a Projects Associate for a foundation and as an officer on other political projects, helping advise and catalyze projects in both nonpartisan and political capacities that focus on elevating the next generation of progressive leaders.




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